The director of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Beijing General Research Institute of mining and metallurgy, organized by the national thermal spraying collaborative group journal, China thermal spraying technology in the field to the thermal spraying technology, "named after the formal professional publications has received the news of the people's Republic of China Publication Administration approval for publication. National unified publication serial number: CN11-5828/TF, quarterly, published at the beginning of each quarter, the standard 16, coated paper color printing. The first issue published in early 2009 9.

The news of the people's Republic of China Publishing Administration approved the thermal spraying technology "tenet and the scope of business: advocacy of national policy on thermal spraying and related fields, the alternating thermal spraying technology achievements in scientific research, information technology, for thermal spray technology promotion, research, production practice and improve thermal spraying industry jobholders quality service, promote China thermal spraying technology to the development of the industry.

"Thermal spraying technology" column: review of the fixed material the technology and equipment of the engineering application and the industry dynamics. Will not be launched regularly, such as quality control and management of the second interview and other experts.

Journal Editorial Committee, editorial board and the Council (organization).

This print will be in line with the principle that the thermal spray industry of our country and the employee serves, give full play to the guiding role of policy, work, technology and market. It will become a reflection of China's thermal spray technology progress, industry development information and other aspects of the impact of the journal.